Arch Yancey Find them fool them.mp3447 KB

Arch Yancey You eased me over the edge.mp3432 KB

Autry Inman Footsteps of the bride.mp3437 KB

Benny Barnes Bar with no beer.mp3396 KB

Benny Barnes Headed for heartbreak.mp3412 KB

Billy Henson Caution heart.mp3461 KB

Boxcar Willie Mr Hank.mp3611 KB

Brabara Davenport A game two can play.mp3415 KB

Cal Smith Daddy´s arms.mp3422 KB

Cal Smith It takes me all night long.mp3430 KB

Cal Smith Just a farmer.mp3427 KB

Cal Smith The ghost of Jim Bob Wilson.mp3502 KB

Carl Smith Dont just stand there.mp3470 KB

Charlie Feathers We´re getting closer to being apart.mp3507 KB

Claude Gray Rocking my memories.mp3420 KB

Dave Wollum Done gone and done it.mp3378 KB

Dave Wollum It´s so nice.mp3381 KB

Doyle Holly The Fireman.mp3415 KB

Durwood Haddock Baby one more time.mp3415 KB

Durwood Haddock I gotte get drunk.mp3450 KB

Earl Green Hold her in the road.mp3442 KB

Eddie Bond Invincible.mp3549 KB

Eddie Bond Rambo Jack.mp3515 KB

Faron Young There`s not any like you left.mp3468 KB

Frankie Miller Losing by a hair.mp3458 KB

Gene Vowell The wife of a singer in a honky tonk band.mp3506 KB

George Jones I´m a people.mp3419 KB

Hank The Drifter Bill collector´s blues.mp3420 KB

Howard Crockett Deep Elm Dave.mp3507 KB

Howard Crockett Going down to soldiers.mp3552 KB

Jack Barlow I love country music.mp3547 KB

Jim & Jesse When the chilly winds dont blow.mp3465 KB

Jim & Jesse Pretty girls in miniskirts.mp3436 KB

Jimmie Davis Talkin to the wall.mp3567 KBJ

Jimmy Briggs Topping out.mp3502 KB

Jimmy Strickland Gonna by me a record that cries.mp3502 KB

Joe Carson I gotta get drunk.mp3436 KB

Johnny Wright Hello Vietnam.mp3460 KB

Kenny Wilson Savannah.mp3463 KB

Kirk Hansard Gonna tie one on.mp3486 KB

Lillian Minor Barroom daddy.mp3453 KB

Louis Ervin Mind your own business.mp3456 KB

Luke Gordon Love´s fantasy.mp3408 KB

Mac Wiseman Your best friend and me.mp3445 KB

Mark Grothier The biggest fight in history.mp3426 KB

Nat Stuckey Half the love.mp3431 KB

Nick Williams Springtime in heaven.mp3435 KB

Norville Dollar The devil owns her soul.mp3427 KB

Patsy Cline Who can I count on.mp3447 KB

Ray Lynn Life fullfilled.mp3494 KB

Ronnie Sessions If that backdoor could talk.mp3469 KB

Rose Maddox Down down down.mp3487 KB

Stoney Edwards I cant find a way to say goodbye.mp3492 KB

Terry English I´m gonna stay single.mp3456 KB

Tibby Edwards Cést si tout.mp3427 KB

Vernon Oxford I wish you would leave me alone.mp3459 KB

Vernon Oxford Soft and warm.mp3391 KB

Wally Nix Lovelife number two.mp3443 KB

Wayne Copley Joe´s place.mp3504 KB

Wayne Copley Tribute to George Jones.mp3509 KB

Windy Mountain Boys John Henry.mp3448 KB