Al Terry I wonder if I can lose the blues this way.mp3779 KB

Cal Smith The lord knows I´m drinking.mp3664 KB

Carl Smith Why why.mp3788 KB

Carmol Taylor Mama take me home.mp3818 KB

Charlie Walker I´m gonna hang up my gloves.mp3712 KB

Charlie Walker I´m not mixed up anymore.mp3758 KB

Charlie Walker Running back to you.mp3766 KB

Charlie Walker There´s where Katie waits.mp3798 KB

Charlie Williams Worlds champion fool.mp3739 KB

Conway Twitty That kind of girl.mp3616 KB

Donny Young On second thought.mp3719 KB

Donny Young One day a week.mp3653 KB

Earl Scott Cowboys dont care.mp3593 KB

Faron Young A world so full of love.mp3704 KB

Faron Young Forget the past.mp3665 KB

Gene Watson If you cant come just call.mp3623 KB

Gene Watson John´s back in town.mp3873 KB

Gordon Terry The ballad of JC.mp3761 KB

Howard Crockett The story of Bango.mp31 002 KB

Howard Crockett Where were you.mp3831 KB

Jack Scott Billy Jack.mp3655 KB

Jimmy Snider The chicago story.mp3686 KB

Jimmy Work I never thought I have the blues.mp3696 KB

Larry Heaberlin I´m gonna write a sad song.mp3669 KB

Lawton Williams Aint that bad about Mrs Jones.mp3687 KB

Lawton Williams Anywhere there´s people.mp3767 KB

Lawton Williams Ploughed ground.mp3826 KB

Lawton Williams The preacher and the movie.mp3611 KB

Norman wade Close every honky tonk in town.mp3700 KB

Norman Wade One more broken heart.mp3883 KB

Onie Wheeler going back to the city.mp3662 KB

Onie Wheeler I´m gonna hang my britches up.mp3680 KB

Onie Wheeler Steppin out.mp3619 KB

Onie Wheeler You´re too good for me.mp3718 KB

Ray Sanders It´ll be a cold day.mp3570 KB

Red Wilson Everybody sings truck drivin songs but me.mp3602 KB

Rem Wall Good morning heartache.mp3711 KB

Urel Albert Saturday night in Nashville.mp3804 KB

Urel Albert Sweet and lovely.mp3779 KB

Warren Smith A whole lot of nothin.mp3647 KB

Warren Smith Odds and ends.mp3708 KB

Zeke Clements Somebody´s been beatin my time.mp3828 KB